IMG_2439Jess Gruber

Jess has been teaching children’s yoga since 2011. After traveling the world teaching both yoga and English as a Second Language, she settled in Washington, DC in 2014 to teach pre-school and kindergarten. Jess created Little Moon Yoga as a means to synchronize her passions of yoga and education.

“To me, life is about discovery and exploration: discovering and exploring the new, or simply altering your perspective so that you can see old things in a totally new way. This is what my yoga classes are about: discovering the magic in everything.

Nicole Gruber

Nicole is an aid for Little Moon Children’s Yoga, assisting instructors during classes and camps. She is studying Special Education at Towson University and will bring knowledge and understanding to those children who have special needs specializing in working with children who have autism. She has worked at Franklin Montessori, Longview School, and AccessAbility MedCare.