Earth Day Yoga!

Happy Earth Day, yogis! What is your favorite thing about our planet? You can celebrate Earth Day today with this nature-themed yoga sequence! Even better – take your practice outside in the sunshine!


Stand straight up with your feet apart beneath you. Try to put equal weight on both of your feet. Place your arms by your sides or above your head to make a mountain peak. Imagine yourself as a strong, peaceful, unmoving mountain. Maybe even close your eyes and see if you feel a difference with your balance – if you feel wobbly just peak open your eyes!


tree card

Stand evenly on both feet. Be strong in your legs and belly then gently lift one foot up to the inner ankle, calf, or thigh of the opposite leg. The lifted knee is gently reaching to the side Hands at heart center, take 5 big belly breaths. Use your arms to grow your tree branches for an extra challenge.

Partner Tree Pose Challenge!

partner tree

Make a forest! Get creative with your friends – you could hold hands, stand back to back, give each other high fives, or something else entirely. Does this make it harder or easier to balance?



This one is out of this world! Stand tall with feet wide apart; all toe point slightly toward the side and reach your arms out like a star! As you breathe in lift your nose to the sky. As you breathe out wiggle your fingers just like a twinkling star.



Sitting comfortably, bring your thumbs to cover your ears and maybe use your fingers to cover your eyes. When you’re ready, gently begin to hum “mmm”, just like a bee. Make the humming noise last as long as you can. Try to repeat the humming for three long breaths – how do you feel afterward?

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