Yoga at Franklin Frequently Asked Questions


  1. My child can’t attend a class, can I get a refund or a discount?
    • Please be mindful of your personal calendar as no “makeups” or refunds will be allowed.
    • Except for Snow Days!
  2. How do I reserve a space for my child?
    • Spaces will be reserved for those who pay first.
  3. How do I sign my child up for more than 1 class each week?
    • If you would like your child to participate in more than one session (more than one afternoon per week), please fill the portion below again. When checking out please purchase two of the same item.
  4. Do I need to send my child with anything in particular?
    • Please make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothing. Yoga mats will be provided.
  5. My child is in Extended Day, will they be able to eat snack?
    • Yes, when yoga is finished at 3:45, children will be offered snack.
  6. I’m not sure if my child will like yoga, can I do a trial class or a drop-in?
    • Yes, please email Jess, to inquire about which days are available for trial classes and drop-ins.
  7. Can I pay with check?
    • Yes. Please make all checks payable to Little Moon Children’s Yoga.