Frozen Yoga!

Each winter, I love guiding the children through a Frozen-inspired yoga class! Here are some positions and breathwork we practiced before the holiday break. Practice these with family at gatherings or as your sip your hot cocoa on a chilly + cozy winter morning.


Happy Holidays from the Little Moon Yoga Team!


Hot Chocolate Breath

Olaf in the Sunshine

With your arms stretching up to the sky slowly reach the arms over to the right, like your tracing your arms in a big circle. Trace your arms to the ground, ticker your toes, then trace up to the left and back to the sky. Making a big circle with your arms. After a couple times in one direction, switch to the other direction!


Sven the Reindeer


Stand tall then step one foot to the back of your mat. All toes point forward and the back heel is lifted. Bend the front knee and reach your hands to your ears to make reindeer antlers! As you breathe in, lift the chest to the sky. As you breathe out, lower your chest to your front leg. Repeat a couple times.



Stand tall then step one foot to the back of your mat, staying in line with the front foot, like you’re on a tight rope The front toes point forward and the back toes point to the side. Bend the front knee and reach your arms to the front and back. Practice shooting snow from your hands just like Elsa! Maybe even sing “Let it go!” while you’re practicing šŸ™‚

Ice Skating


Stand evenly on both feet. Be strong in your legs and belly then gently reach your arms out to your side for balance and reach one leg behind you, balancing on one foot. Careful not to slip on the ice! Stay strong in your legs to balance. If you feel wobbly, put one foot down and try again.


Stand with your feet wide apart. Turn your toes a little bit to the side and bend your knees. Make a scary monster face and begin to stomp around growling, just like Marshmallow!



Sit on your bottom with your legs in front of you. Give your legs a little wiggle to loosen them up. Take a breath in and reach your arms above your head, breathe out and let your chest sink towards your legs and your arms rest on the floor. Take several breaths here, relaxing and being gentle with your body.

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