This is the month of gratitude and giving thanks, so in each yoga class we will practice gratitude. Each school will have their own gratitude jar, so that before each class the children can place a gratitude bead in the jar as they state “I am grateful for…”

Maybe it’s their Halloween candy, maybe it’s mom and dad, maybe it’s yoga!


Here are some ways to practice the attitude of gratitude with your children:

– Create a gratitude practice in your home, encouraging family members to state what they are grateful for. Maybe have a designated time to do this, such as at dinner or in the car on the way home from school. Or begin to incorporate gratitude in daily conversations

– Showing appreciation for one another and encouraging your child to expand their gratitude to those around them as well. Saying ‘thank you”, giving hugs and affection to show appreciation, encouraging and using words of gratitude and affirmation.

– Create your own gratitude jar! Maybe when the jar becomes full of gratitude the family can have a special outing!


If you try practicing gratitude at home, please share your experiences in the comments below!

Learn more about cultivating gratitude, mindfulness, and loving kindness in your classroom or home in my next webinar!

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