Mission + Vision

The mission of Little Moon Yoga (we’re currently applying for our 501c3 status!) is to bring the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to children and educators in the Washington, DC Metro area. Little Moon Yoga shares with educational communities the yogic techniques to cultivate and create a sense of calm within each personโ€™s mind and body. Research suggests that yoga, mindfulness, and meditation result in less reactivity to challenging circumstances, increased ability to concentrate, deeper relationships with self and others.


LMY aims to provide more children with the opportunity to cultivate and create a sense of calm within their minds and bodies by using yogic tools that they can carry into adulthood.


LMY aims to provide more educators the opportunity to participate and benefit from yogic practices.


LMY aims to pay yoga teachers a livable wage as an indication of their valuable service and expertise with youth and educators in our community.


In January 2018, LMY’s non-profit arm will begin teaching after school programs in DCPS. In order to fulfill our goals we need lots of funding! Donate or purchase our yoga cards today!

Examples of where your money goes:

Yoga Teacher Wage per Class: $50.00

1 Yoga Mat: $6.00

1 Deck of Yoga Cards for Educators and Yoga Teachers: $20.00

Grant Writer Hourly Wage: $20.00