The Team

Jess Gruber | Founder + Director

Jess has been teaching children’s yoga since 2011. After traveling the world teaching both yoga and English as a Second Language, she settled in Washington, DC in 2014 to teach pre-school and kindergarten. Jess founded Little Moon Yoga as a means to synchronize her passions of yoga and education. Her mission is to guide children to cultivate tools of body awareness and mindfulness that they can take with them as they grow and navigate the world. She has trained with Mindful Schools and is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Yoga Therapy.

“To me, life is about discovery and exploration: discovering and exploring the new, or simply altering your perspective so that you can see old things in a totally new way. This is what my yoga classes are about: discovering the magic in everything.

Jesecca Edouard | Educator

Jesecca is a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor, Licensed Graduate Social Worker and founder of In Grace Yoga Therapy LLC – a trauma-informed restorative health practice helping survivors of trauma, stress, and anxiety find ease through yoga, meditation, and mental health education. Jesecca obtained a Master’s of Social Work from Howard University and is passionate about empowering dynamic survivors to live a life of purpose, facilitating mental health, self-care, and mind-body programming to assist individuals with living healthy lives.

Jen Munroe | Educator

Jen is an avid martial artist, rock climber, and yogi. She’s been teaching kids yoga since 2014 through other organizations like YoKid, Kids in Motion, and Yoga Monkey Kid. She shares the Little Moon philosophy of child-led instruction, joyful movement, and heart-centered lessons that engage and grow the whole child.

Absorb what is useful… and add what is uniquely your own’ – Bruce Lee.  

“This quote has been an inspiration since I started doing martial arts in college and continues to inspire me in yoga. Yoga is for every body.  I strive to help people feel empowered and confident in themselves so that they can find their own truth in yoga.”